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soriT mhlw 9 ] mn ry kaunu kumiq qY lInI ] pr dwrw inMidAw rs ricE rwm Bgiq nih kInI ]1] rhwau ] mukiq pMQu jwinE qY nwhin Dn jorn kau DwieAw ] AMiq sMg kwhU nhI dInw ibrQw Awpu bMDwieAw ]1] nw hir BijE n gur jnu syivE nh aupijE kCu igAwnw ] Gt hI mwih inrMjnu qyrY qY Kojq auidAwnw ]2] bhuqu jnm Brmq qY hwirE AsiQr miq nhI pweI ] mwns dyh pwie pd hir Bju nwnk bwq bqweI ]3]3]{AMg 631}


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Electronic version of Guru Granth Sahib and Gurbani Akhar font used for Hukamnama developed by Dr. Kulbir S. Thind.

English translation of Guru Granth Sahib used for Hukamnama developed by Dr. Sant Singh.